Mixture of fixed & flexible paragraph rules

Structured Authoring

In the following example, rules allow an unlimited use of paragraphs in a topic. They use a combination for fixed and flexible rules (only the flexible rules that are adjacent can be used in any order). They allow optional use of the rule, but define a maximum use of two paragraphs based on each style.

The paragraph rules are defined as the number of occurrences, the location sequence, the allowed style:



Sub Heading



Body Text



List Number




Paragraph Reference Fixed and Flexible

  • Example One: Topic text is valid

    The Sub Heading and Body Text paragraphs have been used, the List Number paragraph is optional, and the single occurrence of the Note paragraph has been used.

  • Example Two: Topic text is invalid

    This is because the final Body Text paragraph appears after the Note paragraph.

  • Example Three: Topic text is valid

    All of the paragraph rules have been used. The Body Text and List Number rules are flexible and adjacent in the structure so can be used in any order.