Create rules in the book structure builder

Structured Authoring

The second step in creating a structured template is to create the rules in the Structure Builder. When you create the structure rules you define the properties for the structure against the parent node, and then each of the content rules that will be used in the topic.

Parent node

The parent node defines the structure's name and description and applies the release states used to enforce validation.

Structure rules

Each of the rules created in the structure builder are added as children of the parent node. The structure rules define the content and build the object hierarchy by creating parent and child groups.

Creating Rules in the Book Structure Builder

Front and Back Matter: Each of the five front and back matter rules can be used once in a book structure. The rules are used to define the objects or templates that should be used by content in the book, and set the location of the objects in the book's hierarchy.

Book Content: Three rules control the book's content. They are the Topic, File, and Book rules. They define the object that can be used or template that the content is based on, and its location in the book's content pane. The Book rule adds sub books to your structure.

To create the structure rules:

  1. Select the book template in the library folder list. Make sure the object is highlighted but not opened.
  2. Go to Manage > Data > Structure Builder to open the structure builder window.
  3. Add the parent node's structure properties:
    • Update the name and add a description.
    • Choose the Release States [...] button to select the release state which will be used to enforce the structure.
  4. Select a rule from the Rules command group. The new rule is added to the structure list. Add the rule properties.
    • Update the rule's name and add a description.
    • Add the minimum and maximum number of occurrences of the object allowed for the rule.
    • Select fixed or flexible to define the sequence.
    • Click Add in the Allowed Objects section. The object selector window opens. Select the objects or object templates that will be used by this rule.
  5. Repeat step 4 to create each of the rules required for the structure. You can use the Rule Order arrows to change the location of a rule in the structure.
  6. Save the changes and close the structure builder window.