Modify the structure of a template

Structured Authoring

There may be times when a template structure's rules need to be modified to reflect changes to your content. Changes can include relaxing or tightening requirements in existing rules, adding or removing rules, or changing the styles that are used. The release states used to enforce validation can also be changed.

To modify the template structure:

  1. Select the template in the library folder list. Be sure the object is highlighted but not opened. On the main menu, go to Manage > Data > Structure Builder. The structure builder window opens.
  2. Update the structure properties or rule properties as required.
  3. Save the changes to the structure. The validation process is triggered against all topics based on the template. The modified structure is saved if the changes do not cause any topics to be invalidated. If the changes will cause topics to be invalidated, the following options are displayed:
    • Cilck Modify Release State to assign a different release state to the topics that do not validate. The changes to the structure can be saved, and will be assigned to the topics.
    • Click Save New to create a duplicate template and structure. The original template and structure are not changed and remain assigned to the topics. The duplicate template with the updated structure is created in the same folder as the original template, and the name is prefixed with "Copy of". The duplicate is not assigned to any topics.
    • Click Cancel to stop the action. The structure builder remains open and you can modify or remove the changes so they do not cause any topics to be invalidated.