Link an example topic to the structured template

Structured Authoring

An example topic displays information that guides the author in creating content which will validate against the structure builder. The topic displays in the Editor's Example tab when the author is working in a structured topic or book.

Create the example topic using sample content or instructions relevant to the author. The topic can also include images if required. As this is an example topic only used to show what the completed topic should look like, best practice is not to use your structured template as the base template. You can save this topic to any location in your library.

Note: This step is optional; you don't have to link an Example topic to a template's structure.

To link an example topic to the structured template:

  1. Open the template, then go to Manage > Data > Structure to display the structure builder.
  2. Select the structure's root property.
  3. Click the Example Object [...] button and browse to the example topic. The topic's description is added to the Example Object field.
  4. Save the changes to the structure builder.