Enable structured templates

Structured Authoring

Templates are used to apply the structure to books or topics. Rules that define how content can be used are created in the Structure Builder. The rules, or "structure" are then saved against the template. All books or topics based on the templates inherit the structure.

Structured templates are created from ordinary templates.

To create a structured template:

  1. Select the check box in the template's properties to create a structured template.

    This option can be applied to new templates that you create or templates that are already assigned to topics, so long as the template is based on "(none)". Structured templates are not based on another template. Once you have created the structured template, you can base it on another topic.

    Make Object a Structured Template

  2. Use the structure builder to create the rules that will be used in the topic.

    After converting the template you can open the structure builder. When the structure builder is open create the rules for the books or topics. The Manage tab's Structure Builder command is only available when you select the book or topic structure templates.

When you make changes to an existing template, each topic based on that template will go through the validation process. This can result in many of the existing topics failing validation. If this happens, those topics will require updating in order to conform to the structure.