Structure parent node properties

Structured Authoring

Use the properties for the parent or root node to define the structure's name, an example object used by the author as a guide when they are creating topics, and one or more release states to enforce validation.

Book Structure Builder


The Name and Description identify the structure. The description only displays in the structure builder.


Link to an example topic which will provide a visual guideline for the author.


Select the Release State that enforces validation for this structure. All content must validate before the release state can be assigned.

Example object

The example object displays information used to guide the author in creating topics that will validate against the rules. The sample content displays in the Example tab in the Editor. When creating a book structure you can link to a topic with information about the book contents. The example topics include any information including images, and don't have to be based on a structured template.

Release states

The release state defines the point in the review cycle where objects must validate. Assign the release state to "enforce" validation, so you can only save changes that will validate against the structure rules. When content doesn't validate you are given options to change the release state, or save your changes to a copy of the topic and leave the original topic unchanged.

Update and modify topics that are not in the specified release state as normal.