Considerations for updating a validated object

Structured Authoring

When topics are in the "enforce" release state their content must validate against the structure's rules. Although you can still make changes to the object, any content that does not comply with the rules can break the validation. If the changes do not break validation the object is saved as normal. However, if the changes break the validation you are given the following options to continue:

  • Save the changes and modify Release State. This option allows you to assign a release state that doesn't enforce validation when you save the changes. The new release state is assigned to the object and the changes are saved.
  • Save the changes to a duplicate of the object. The duplicate is saved to the same folder as the original object, and the name is prefixed with "Copy of". The duplicated object does not have a release state assigned.

    Topics: When you are working with a topic the duplicate is not added to your book, and does not have a release state assigned. The original topic is still used by the book object and its content is not changed.

  • Choose Cancel to stop the action. The topic remains open and the changes can be modified so they comply with the structure, or are removed.