Topic validation example

Structured Authoring

The following example describes rule validation in three topics based on the same structured template. The structure uses three rules:

  • Rule One defines the opening paragraph which must appear at the start of the topic. One occurrence of the paragraph is allowed, it must use the Body Text style, and the sequence is fixed.
  • Rule Two defines a list of items. There must be one to three list items. This rule will validate when one, two, or three list items are used in the topic. The list items must use the List Bullet style, and the sequence is set as flexible.
  • Rule Three defines another paragraph. One paragraph is allowed, it must use the Body Text style, and the sequence is flexible.

Example of topics that validate

Based on the rules defined for this example, both of these topics will validate. As rule two and rule three are next to each other in the structure and defined with a flexible sequence, the list and second paragraph can be used in either order.

Text Validates Against Rules

Example of a topic that doesn't validate

Based on the same rules, this topic fails validation. Items one, two, three, and four validate, while item five does not. In this example rule two and rule three are both defined as flexible. This allows you to use elements from the two rules in any order, including adding the paragraph between the bulleted items. As the three rules have already been mapped, item five falls outside of the rules. Topic level validation will only occur when the final paragraph is removed.

Extra Paragraphs in Topic

Note: If rule three was defined as fixed the third bulleted item would be invalid content - to validate the bulleted items would have to occur in a single list of one to three items because the rule would be constrained by two fixed rules.