Copy a structured template

Structured Authoring

Like other objects in the library, you can duplicate structured templates. This is useful when you want to create rules which are similar to an existing structure. When the template is duplicated, a new object is created with the same template settings and structure attributes. Once you have created a duplicate you can use the structure builder to make the required changes to the rules.

Note: The name in the duplicate template's Description is prefixed with "Copy of". The name in the duplicate structure is not changed.

To duplicate a structured template:

  1. Select the structured template in the object list. Do not open the template properties.
  2. In the library window go to Manage > Versioning > Duplicate (the button has three blue cubes). The Duplicate objects window opens.
  3. Select the folder where you want to save the duplicate object. Click OK to close the window. The duplicate object appears in the selected folder.