Output file object settings

Settings in Author-it Cloud

The Theme tab of every XML or Resolved XML publishing profile has seven radio buttons to select the settings for the output of File objects in the resolved XML.

The following options are available:

  • Admin: the publication process uses default settings for how the pictures are processed. The images are embedded in the XML file. This setting does not work in case you want to convert the XML to PDF.
  • Print transformed means that it will output the picture as defined on the Print tab. If your source file is a PNG, and you define the File object, Print tab, Ouput as field as JPEG, a JPEG will be exported. And if you set any other settings in the File object, these settings will be applied to the picture on publishing.

    Note: Print transformed does not work in case you use vector images.

  • Print original means that the original picture file will be published to the publishing folder. In case of embedded pictures, the original picture file is the same for Print, Help and Web. In case of linked pictures, the originals can be different.
  • The radio buttons for Web and Help transformed and original work from the same principle.