Create job name templates

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Settings Job Name Templates

Job Name Templates are used to create custom file names for your translation jobs.

Configure the Job Name Templates to use the information that best meets the requirements of each service provider you use. When the job file is created a name is automatically added to the file using the variables that have been specified in the Template field.

Important: Each job name template must be unique. If the template you create is not unique, then JobId and Locale will be added when the job is created.

Variables used in the Job Name Template

The following system variables are used to build a template:

Sys Locale Code

The target locale code (language plus country), eg, en_US

Sys Locale ID

The target locale identifier (LCID), eg, 1033

Sys Locale Lang

The target locale language, eg, en

Sys Timestamp

The current date and time, eg, 20121030134455

Sys Translation JobID

The translation job identifier, eg, 123

Sys Description

The book object description, eg, Master Book

Sys ObjectID

The book object code, eg, 2189

As well as using these system variables you can type directly in the template text field to add your own text string (the template field cannot include the following characters: \ / : * ? | ") or other library variables. As an example, you could add the <

To create a new job name template:

  1. Click Job Name Templates under Settings to display the Job Name Templates screen and ribbon bar options.
  2. Select Job Name Templates > New in the ribbon. The New Job Name Template window opens.

    Job Name Template New

  3. Fill in the following fields for the template:
    • Name: Type a name you will use to to identify this template. Note, the text in the Name field is for adding your own reference to the job so you can easily identify it in the Jobs list.

      Important: The name field cannot include the following characters: \ / : * ? | " < >

    • Template: Double-click a variable to add it to the Template field, or drag a variable from the list and drop it into the Template field. Add all of the variables you need to create a job name that is applicable for your service provider.

      To change the order of variables in the template field, select the entire variable then drag and drop into the correct order/location. (Tip: after making any changes, ensure each variable has an opening and closing angle bracket.)

      Note, the <Sys_Timestamp> variable is the Web server’s system time, and may differ from the User’s system time shown in the Created on column in the main tranlsation jobs list.

      Important: You can also type in the Template field, however, the template field cannot include the following characters: \ / : * ? | "

      New Job Name Template Window

  4. Click Create to save the changes and create the template.