Configure settings & permissions for Reviews

Settings in Author-it Cloud

Before working with Reviews, you need to make sure:

  • Users have sufficient permissions to view and work with the content they'll be reviewing and editing.
  • Users have sufficient permissions to move the topics into and out of the associated release states (using the "change into state" and "change out of state" options).

Your library's Security Administraor configures the following options so your users can create and review content.

Release states and Review types

Use the Release States screen to

  • Apply the Review and Editorial options to release states
  • Set permissions for a minimum of List Objects, Read Objects, Change Out of State, Change Into State.

Folder permissions

The Folder Action permissions apply to the Reviews table of contents pane.

Use the Folder Permissions screen to set a minimum of List Object and Read Object permissions.

  • Read Objects by itself only allowenables users to see a Review; users cannot expand the book contents while the review is in progress.
  • List Objects enables a user to see a Review and expand the book contents. If you're initiating a Review, you must have a minimum of List Objects to view a book in the Reviews form's book list.