Administrator types

Settings in Author-it Cloud

Client Administrator

The Client Administrator is a cloud-only role.

They can:

  • create new users
  • manage user details and passwords
  • manage, create and delete user groups
  • add users to a user group
  • assign licenses to users (Subscriptions)

A Client Administrator has permissions for all libraries belonging to a specific client.


The Administrator (also referred to as a Security Administrator or Library Administrator)is a role that is available to users of Author-it On-Premises and Cloud.

They can:

  • set release states
  • set security permissions
  • manage variables
  • change security settings and setup authorization.

Note that to be an Administrator you must have access to Author.

Group administrator

A Group administrator can only manage groups in which they are a member. They can add and update users to those groups. Administrators can assign Group Administrators in Settings.

  • Users can be both a Security administrator (Administrator) and a Client or Group Administrator.
  • Contact your Client Administrator if you would like to request a change to your permissions.