Spelling options

Settings in Author-it Cloud

The Spelling options enable you to customize the built-in spelling checker.

Spelling Tab - Cloud

Spell check topics on exit

When this option is selected, Author automatically performs a spelling check on the topic when it is closed, provided that changes have been made.

Spell check as I type

When this option is selected, Author checks your spelling as you type.

When editing topic text, descriptions, and headings, any unknown words are identified with a red wavy underline. Right-clicking the word displays a shortcut menu with a list of possible alternatives (if any are found in the dictionary). The menu also includes options to Ignore All instances of the word, or to Add the underlined word to the dictionary. The red underline is only displayed in the topic when this option is selected.

Maximum suggested words

Controls the maximum number of suggested words in the shortcut menu. The range is 1 to 10.

Note: This setting doesn't affect the number of suggested words when a full spell check is completed.


Displays a list of available dictionaries. The dictionaries are located in subfolders in the Dictionaries folder. Dictionaries may be created from specially formatted word lists by using Author-it Administrator.