Configuration options

Settings in Author-it Cloud

Settings Options

The Options settings are used to set picture options used in all translation jobs.

There are also settings for refreshing the translation jobs list and checking for files if you are using FTP.

The Options page is divided into the following settings:

  • default language (refer to Options Screen for information on this setting)
  • picture options
  • screen refresh rate (translation jobs grid)
  • manual upload refresh rate

Default language

When you open the Options settings, if only one locale exists in the library (that is, no other locale records have been created), the Default Locale value option is enabled. Use this option to select the base language for your localizations (this is the base language you use for creating content in your library).

If there is more than one locale record, this setting is disabled.

Picture options

  • Export embedded pictures as files: Creates a copy of embedded image files from the book(s) included in the translation job, if the file object contains any translatable text. A set of images is included with the files for each locale.
  • Also include file objects without translatable text: This works only in combination with Export embedded pictures as files or Export lnked pictures as files. Even when the file objects do not contain any translateble content, the picture is exported.
  • Export linked pictures as files: Creates a copy of each linked image file from the book(s) included in the translation job. A set of images is included with the files for each locale. When the File object links to different image files on the output tabs, a copy of each image is included, prefixed with the first letter of the output tab (Print, Help, or Web), for example, P_123.gif or W_123.jpg.
  • Include previews of pictures: Creates a JPG preview for each image included in the translation job. Using this option, all images are converted to JPG format.

To update the translation options:

  1. Click Options under Settings to display the Options screen.
  2. Select picture options if required.
  3. Select the refresh rate to update the list of translation jobs (or translation jobs grid).

    Options Screen

    Refresh rate for uploading files is not supported anymore.