Administrator settings

Settings in Author-it Cloud

In Settings, you may have access to the following (depending on your permissions):

Editor Toolbar

Accessible by all administrators.

Shows the icons for styles that appear in the Editor Toolbar when you are editing a topic.

Screenshot - settings editor toolbar with orange highlighting

Review and Approval

Accessible by all administrators.

Here administrators can set default releases states, editors and signers for reviews.

Screenshot - settings review and approval with orange highlighting

Default templates

Accessible by all administrators.

Here you can set default behaviour for hyperlinks.

Screenshot - settings default templates with orange highlighting


Only accessible by Client Administrators

Shows the users of the selected library. Here you can add new users.

Screenshot - settings users with orange highlighting


Only accessible by Client Administrators

View subscription statistics, monitor reviewer subscription usage and participation, update other company information and activate licences and users.

You can also clear all object locks using the Clear All Locks button. See Clear object locks & sessions

Screenshot - settings subscriptions with orange highlighting

User Groups

Only accessible by Client Administrators

For defining roles applicable to user groups and assigning users to groups.

Screenshot - settings user groups with orange highlighting

Contact Information

Contact details can be updated in Subscriptions. This person is the organization's Author-it Administrator. Edit as needed and then click Update Contact.

Screenshot settings subscriptions contact