Author-it XML Format

Author-it XML Format

The Author-it XML file contains a number of Author-it objects, along with related information. The content of each XML file varies depending on the number and types of object included.

Within Author-it there are 14 different object types. Each of these object types has a corresponding XML structure.

Author-it XML File

All selected objects are exported to a single XML file with the ".xml" extension. The XML file has an Author-it root element, and may contain six child elements: Objects, ObjectSummarys, Folders, Release States, Variables, and Information.

Author-it XML Schema File

If an XML schema file is included, it has the ".xsd" extension. The AuthorIT.xsd file describes the structure and contents of what is valid in an AuthorIT.xml file. This file can be used with an XML parser to validate the contents of an XML file to check for structural correctness, and semantic correctness (that is, to check that the values of each element are valid).