PrintLinkType Element

Author-it XML Format


Allows you to choose how the hypertext link will be inserted:

  • Cross reference: a page number cross reference is created if the destination topic is found in the book being published.
  • Footnote: the unformatted text of the destination topic is inserted as a footnote.

    Note: Footnotes are limited to a maximum of 500 characters and cannot contain multiple paragraphs or special formatting. If the destination topic contains more than 500 characters, only the first 500 characters are used.

  • Endnote: the unformatted text of the destination topic is inserted as a note at the end of your document.
  • Embedded inline: the anchor text is removed and replaced with the text of the destination topic.
  • Embedded block: the fully formatted text of the destination topic is inserted as an embedded topic. If the hyperlink occupies the entire paragraph it is replaced, otherwise a new paragraph is created following the one containing the hyperlink.
  • Note: When using either embedded option, only the first topic in the hyperlink is used. If the link targets multiple topics, the remaining topics are ignored.

The PrintLinkType element corresponds to the "Insert link as" field on the Print tab of the Hyperlink object.


Attribute Name


Data Type




Parent Element



Data Type



>= 0

1 = Cross reference
2 = Footnote
3 = Embedded inline
4 = Embedded block

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