HelpJumpType Element

Author-it XML Format


Allows you to choose how this topic will be displayed when you jump to it from the Help contents. You can choose:

  • Display as a Popup: the topic will be displayed as a popup.
  • Show only as a heading: no topic will be created in Windows Help, only an entry in the contents is created.
  • Display in the Default Window: the topic will be displayed in the window defined in Topic Help Window.
  • Do not show in contents: a topic is created in the Windows Help, but this topic will not appear in the contents. This can be used for What's This Help topics and other topics that you don't want in the contents. (This setting is also used in HTML outputs.)

    Note: Child topics or books beneath the topic (which is set not to show in the contents) "inherit" the same behavior and are also hidden in the contents. Also, if a sub book is included in the contents of another book, the sub book's title will not appear in the main book contents, only the topics inside that book.

Execute this Macro: allows you to set a relationship to a Macro Procedure object to be executed. A topic is still created but the macro may not necessarily display the topic.The HelpJumpType element corresponds to the "In this table of contents" options, on the Display and Contents sub-tab, on the Windows Help tab, of the Topic object.


Attribute Name


Data Type




Parent Element



Data Type



1 to 5, where:

1 = Popup
2 = Default window
3 = Execute macro
4 = Heading
5 = Do not show

Sample XML

<HelpJumpType inherited="true">2</HelpJumpType>