Compare an object's edit history

Content management techniques

Author-it's History Compare allows you to quickly see what changes different authors have made, and gives you the ability to roll back or revert to a previous version. You can compare a history record to the current revision, to a previous version, or any two version to each other.

When using History Compare to revert an object to an earlier revision ensure the object is closed. If the object is open a message will be displayed advising the changes cannot be made.

To compare revision history:

  1. Open the View History window and select the record(s) you wish to compare.

    Note: The record selected is automatically compared to the current version. Select multiple records to compare with one another.

  2. Click Compare to show the differences. The History Compare window opens, and displays the differences between revisions highlighted right down to the word level.

    History Compare Window

    The buttons on the toolbar allow you to alternate between the PreviewNormal Preview and Property SheetProperty Sheet View button views.

    • Use the Property Sheet view to quickly identify changes to the objects properties, such as the template it is based on, the release state it is in, and so on. Use the Preview mode to identify differences to topic content.
    • Use the Show Differences OnlyShow Differnces Only button button in the Property Sheet to collapse the view and only display the properties that have changes.
    • Use the Next Previous buttons buttons to switch the preview between revisions.

      Differences are color coded with green, blue, or yellow to indicate the type of change. A paler shade indicates a difference to the paragraph, and a darker shade a difference to specific text.

      Note: Modifications to topic text only display as new or deleted - not changed - with text appearing as deleted in one revision and new in the other.

  3. To revert to a previous revision, click Revert.


    Click Close to exit and return to the View History window.