Make changes to drafts

Content management techniques

When adding the reviewer's comment to your drafts, you will want to produce the next draft that shows the changes. We recommend the following approach:

  1. Move the Word document published for the previous draft into a safe location, so it is not overwritten when you publish the next draft.
  2. Update all the topics with the reviewer's comments. You can easily move from one topic in the book to the next.
  3. Update all the graphics in the applications that you used to create them. You will not have to change the File object in any way unless you need to change some of the formatting attributes, such as size, border or caption.
  4. Republish the new draft.
  5. Using Microsoft Word, load the previous version of the document, saved in Step 1, and then from the main menu choose Tools > Revisions > Compare Versions or Tools > Compare and Merge Documents (depending on what version of Word you have installed). The Open File window appears.
  6. Find the draft you published in step 4 and choose Open. Word will compare the versions of the document, adding the review marks for any changes in the content.
  7. You can then print this for your next review, and it will highlight all the changes for your reviewers to see.