View an object's edit history

Content management techniques

Use the Edit History to display who made changes to an object and when the changes were made.

To view an object's edit history:

  1. Locate the object in the Library Explorer or book contents.
  2. Right-click and click History...


    In the Editor, select the object and select View > Show History


    Open the object's properties and select General > View Edit History.

  3. The Edit History window opens displaying details of who modified the object and when.

    View History Window

  4. Click Compare to view changes, or Close to exit.

    The icon indicates that a history record for that change exists. Only changes with a history record can be compared to the current revision.

    Note: Because the latest revision is current, it does not have a history record and does not display an icon.

History Window Icons

These icons are used in the History window to show where the records are stored. The icons are displayed in the right-hand column of the History window.

Archive Icon Database

The object history is stored in the library (database)

Archive Icon XML

The object history is stored in the archive folder