The HideUI plugin

Extra Functionality with Plugins

The Hide UI plugin uses Author-it APIs to hide selected parts of the UI from users. You can configure this differently for each group or user.

Hide UI Limitations

There are several known limitations of the HideUI plugin, and elements that you cannot disable or hide.

Elements that cannot be hidden or disabled

Context menu

  • Siblings of Variables (objectContextMenuItems):
  • Show Variable Assignment
  • Show Variable Usage
  • Set Variable Assignment
  • Siblings of XML (objectContextMenuItems):
  • View
  • View with Stylesheet
  • Save to file
  • Zip and Save to file
  • E-mail
  • Zip and E-mail


  • Layout tab
  • tudTableColumnWidth
  • tudTableColumnHeight
  • Review tab
  • FindAndReplace button
  • View tab
  • rulerCheckBox


  • Design tab
  • createIndexEntry control
  • Manage tab
  • ViewXMLStylesheet

Elements that can be hidden but not disabled

Main form

  • Publish tab
  • Elements becomes active when  book selected: Print button, Help button, Web button, XML button
  • Author tab
  • Media View section becomes active when topic or embedded icon selected
  • Manage tab
  • CheckoutFolder becomes active when folder selected

Book Editor

  • Edit tab
  • Copy, Cut, changeCaseButtonItem becomes active when text selected.
  • Paste cannot be disabled at all.
  • Button from Format, Insert, Tables groups cannot be disabled separately, but if the entire Edit tab or group is disabled, this buttons become disabled too.
  • Layout tab
  • Select
  • ShowGridlines
  • RowsColumns group buttons
  • Design group buttons
  • DistributeRows
  • DistributeColumns
  • Merge group buttons
  • Advanced group buttons
  • Publish tab
  • Disabled only when the whole tab is disabled: Print, Help, Web, XML

Elements that can be disabled but not hidden

Book Editor

  • The entire Layout tab
  • The entire Publish tab