Example use cases

Extra Functionality with Plugins

Intelligent variable assignments

A car company uses Author, and is using the metadata plugin. They've created the variables Version and Features. Version refers to whether a car is a basic or advanced model, features refers to what features the car has. Advanced models have access to more features than basic models.

This company uses the Metadata plugin to limit the values an author can assign to the Feature variable when the Version variable is assigned the value Basic. This prevents authors from assigning advanced features to topics about basic models.

Template specific Metadata panels

The car company has also created different Metadata panels for different topic templates. They want to limit which topic templates authors can assign the Company variable to, to make sure the variable is only used to show the company that performs the installation of a product.

When authors edit a topic with the template Component Overview, they can select the Version and Features variables:

When authors edit a topic with the template Installation, they can select the Company variable, too: