XML Elements - Topic object

Author-it XML Format for Translation

Data with the following elements should be translated:


These represent the headings that will be displayed for each output. Contains either the All element, or the PrintHeading, HelpHeading, and WebHeading elements.


The Super Heading appears above the Heading in the Print output


Groups of topics that are related to this topic. At publishing time these groups become a list of links that can be use for navigation though your printed or on-line document. Contains one or more <RelatedGroups> elements, which contain <Heading> and <RelatedGroupID>. Only data within the <Heading> element should be translated.




The window title that appears in the web browser.

Data in the following attributes should be added:


If you wish to specify a different sort order for the Headings element (particularly Japanese Yomi sort order), add the sort key to this attribute.

This attribute occurs on the All, PrintHeading, HelpHeading, and WebHeading elements.

Data within the Object element should not be translated:


Internal ID used within Author-it to identify the object, not visible to user.


ID used by Author-it to identify an object and allocated at object creation time. Can be considered unique across all libraries (though translated objects will share the same GUID).


The object description as it appears within the Author-it editor. This is for internal purposes only and does not appear in any published outputs.


<Topic wordcount="7">







<All sortorder="">New Topic</All>




<p id="4">Welcome to the Author-it Tutorial.</p>