XML for translators

Author-it XML Format for Translation

In the Author-it XML some elements contain translatable content, and others contain only structural or reference information that does not require translation. It is important that all structural and reference elements remain intact in the same position or the XML will not validate upon import back into Author-it.

Within the XML, many elements are optional so may not be present within a specific object or in a given file. Many of the translatable elements can be inherited from the template they are based on. In this situation the inherited element will not be present in the XML.

Every Author-it object will contain an object element. This element will contain general properties that apply to all types of object. None of the elements within the object element require translation, and should not be changed.

All the Author-it objects require translation. That is, all the children of the objects element. Other first level elements such as ObjectSummarys, Folders, ReleaseStates, Variables, and Information should not be translated. The general rule is that the contents of all text elements require translation, apart from those within the object element.

Note: Do not translate any xml attributes.

Each of the following topics describes the elements that are translatable and those that are not.