Step-through mode with Contribute

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Step-through mode is used to check each flag in a topic in sequence, without having to right-click on individual flags to display the shortcut menu. When Step-through mode is on the button is highlighted and the shortcut menu is displayed at the top of the Topic Editor pane near the Acrolinx IQ Toolbar.

By default, when you log in to Contribute, Acrolinx IQ's Step-through mode is not enabled. The option must be enabled (click the button in the toolbar) in Contribute's Editor before it can be used.

Step through

Select the Step-through button on the Acrolinx IQ Toolbar to enable the mode.

Step-through mode enabled

After Step-through mode has been selected from the Acrolinx IQ Toolbar the button is highlighted, and shortcut menu shows Step-through mode (enabled).

To use step-through checking:

  1. Use Acrolinx IQ to check the topic, then move the cursor to the beginning of the topic.
  2. Click the Step-through Mode botton on the Acrolinx IQ Toolbar to activate the checking mode if it is disabled (the button is highlighted when the mode is enabled).
  3. Click the Next Flag button on the Acrolinx IQ Toolbar to move to the next flag in the topic and display the shortcut menu options.