Setting the Acrolinx IQ Server Address in Author

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Note: You will need library Security Administrator permissions to complete this step.

Linking to the Acrolinx IQ server

The field for the link to the Acrolinx IQ server is only displayed for the library's Security Administrator.

To add the server address:

  1. Open your library using Author, then choose File > Author-it Options to open the User Options window.
  2. Select the Acrolinx IQ tab.
  3. Add the URL for the Acrolinx IQ Server in the Acrolinx IQ Server address field. For example,

    http:[your web server name or IP address]:8031/acrolinx/services/core-no-mtom?wsdl

    Acrolinx Author System Administrator User Options

  4. Choose Refresh to complete the URL settings and ensure Author can communicate with the server.

Important: If the server address is not supplied, or there is an error in the URL, Acrolinx IQ will not work.