Acrolinx IQ options in Contribute

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Contribute integrates with Acrolinx IQ to provide language, style, spelling, and grammar checking. If Acrolinx IQ is installed, the Acrolinx IQ options enable you to set the language, text type, and error categories used for checking your topics. Select the options required for checking, then save the changes.

  • Language: Select the language used in the library from the drop-down list.
  • Text Type: Writing styles vary according to the type of document you are checking, for example, a user manual versus a technical manual, or English UK versus English US. Select the Text Type from the drop-down list.
  • Setting: The Setting group lets you choose the error types to check against, including style, spelling, and grammar rules.

To set the Acrolinx IQ options:

  1. Open the Options page from the Library toolbar.
  2. Select the required Acrolinx IQ options.


  3. Save the changes. A confirmation message box is displayed.
  4. Choose OK to close the confirmation message box.