Delete cells from a table


On Premises

When modifying a table, sometimes you need to remove cells or entire rows or columns. Choose from these options: Delete the selected cells, Delete the selected columns, Delete the selected rows, or Delete the entire table (this option is only available from the Layout tab).

  • To delete the entire table, you can click inside one of the cells.
  • To delete a single cell, column, or row, you can click inside one of the cells.
  • To delete multiple cells ensure you select the entire group of cells.

Caution: When you delete cells from a table, the information contained inside the cells is also deleted.

To delete cells from a table:

  1. Position the cursor in the cell that you want to delete, or select one or more cells.
  2. Click Layout > Delete, and the appropriate delete option.


    Right-click inside one of the selected cells, click Tables, and then select the delete option.

  3. Save your changes.