Import users to the Author-it Cloud library - Cloud

Migrating to Author-it Cloud

To import users:

  1. Log in to Author-it Cloud.
  2. Click the Users then click Import Users.

    The Import Users screen imports the users from your library, and lists any users who do not belong to the domain:


  3. Check each user:
    • Clear the check box for any users you do not want to import.
    • For each user you do want to import:
      • Make sure that First Name and Last Name fields are populated
      • Provide a valid email address that is unique within Author-it Cloud; you will see an error message if it is not unique
      • Select the check box Make a Cloud User
  4. Click Import Users to start the import process.

    At the top of the screen the progress indicator displays as the software imports each user. For example, Creating user Acme.AOrtha with password ?#(47(ZS