Create the feedback contact variable for TouchHelp



The Feedback option in TouchHelp enables anyone using your help files to send feedback to the appropriate person in your organization.

Author-it uses a variable to automatically populate the contact address in the feedback message.

The variable needs to be set up in the library before publishing the Touchhelp files so the contact address can be included in the published output.

Note: The variable needs to be created by your library's Security Administrator.

To create the variable for the feedback contact address:

  1. Create a new text type variable and name it touch_help_feedback_email.
  2. Add the email address for the feedback contact as the variable's value.

    TouchHelp Feedback Variable

Variable value resolution in the email message

When you use TouchHelp's feedback option the variable value is used to automatically populate the message with your chosen contact address.

If you have published the TouchHelp files without creating the variable, you'll see the following entry in the address field in the message <

TouchHelp Feedback Email Variable

Once you have created the variable, with the email address as the value, then published your help files, the HTML variable in the message template code resolves to the address value you assigned to the variable in the library.

TouchHelp Feedback Email Variable Resolved