Navigate through the TouchHelp output



TouchHelp files use the standard actions to view content including swipe, pinch, tap, and rotate when you are using a mobile device with a touch-enabled screen.

  • Tap contents button: Returns to the navigation tree (parent Topic/Book)
  • Swipe left: Pulls the next topic into focus
  • Swipe right: Pulls the previous topic into focus
  • Pinch (in): Zoom in
  • Pinch (out): Zoom out
  • Swipe down: Scroll down the page
  • Swipe up: Scroll up the page
  • Top of the page (pull down): Refresh the page

Note: To verify the output, view the content in your browser. Use a mouse if you don't have a touch-enabled screen available. Instead of swiping, simply hold the left mouse button down while you move the mouse to the left or right to move between pages, and up or down to scroll in a topic. Click the mouse instead of tapping.

Navigate through content by swiping



On touch-enabled devices, swipe to move between topics.

Use the swipe action to move between topics at the same level in the TOC, or to move between a parent and child topics in a sub menu.

The topic indicator at the top of the page lets you see how many topics are at this level or in this sub menu, and your current location in this group of topics.

Topic Navigation

In this screenshot, the sub menu has four topics: Introduction, Our Story, Our Philosophy, and The Exciting World of Teleportation. The TOC and the topic indicator highlight the current topic.


Different levels in the TOC

The entries in the TOC will take you to a topic or to a sub menu, which is created when your content in Author-it is in a sub book or organized into levels.



Tap a TOC entry to go straight to the topic.



Tap a TOC entry to get to a sub menu.

Moving up a level in the TOC



Tap the TOC button to go up a level in the TOC.


Table of Contents Pane


Click on the arrow button and drag to change the width of the TOC pane.

This isn't an option on smaller mobile devices.