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The <acrolinx> shortcut menu is displayed for issues that have been flagged. Use the shortcut menu to insert alternative text into the topic, review additional information about the flagged content, or navigate between the flags requiring attention.

  • Each suggestion includes a "heading bar" which briefly identifies why the content was flagged. Click the heading bar to open an <acrolinx> help file containing further information about the issue. Depending on the type of issue, the page may also contain a link ("More Information...") pointing to a number of external writing resources.
  • Alternative text for the flagged content is added directly beneath the heading bar. When multiple alternatives are identified, each suggestion is assigned a different shortcut key (up to a maximum of 10 suggestions). Click the suggestion or use the shortcut key to insert the text into the topic.
  • Use the keyboard's up and down arrows to navigate between options inside the shortcut menu, then use the ENTER key to select the option.

Acrolinx IQ Shortcut Menu


Navigation options for moving between <acrolinx> flags.


Heading bar identifies the type of error with link to more information about the flagged content.


Suggestions for fixing the flagged content. Either click the suggestion or use the assigned shortcut key to insert the suggestion into the topic.