Setting the <acrolinx> Server Address in Author - Cloud

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Note: You will need library Security Administrator permissions to complete this step.

Linking to the <acrolinx> server

The field for the link to the <acrolinx> server is only displayed for the library's Security Administrator.

To add the server address:

  1. Open your library using Author, then choose File > Author-it Options to open the User Options window.
  2. Select the <acrolinx> tab.
  3. Add the URL for the <acrolinx> Server in the <acrolinx> Server address field. For example,

    http:[your web server name or IP address]:8031/acrolinx/services/core-no-mtom?wsdl

    Acrolinx Author System Administrator User Options

  4. Choose Refresh to complete the URL settings and ensure Author can communicate with the server.

Important: If the server address is not supplied, or there is an error in the URL, <acrolinx> will not work.