Check a topic with <acrolinx> in Contribute - Cloud

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<acrolinx> is used to check individual topics in Contribute, based on the checking options defined in the Options pane. Any errors found during the check are flagged in the topic according to the type of error with a colored wavy underline.

This flag

Indicates errors with






Spelling and duplicated words



To check a topic and make corrections:

  1. Choose the Check Language button on the <acrolinx> Toolbar to check the topic. When <acrolinx> has finished checking the topic, any errors that have been found are displayed with a colored underline.
  2. Right-click on the error to show the <acrolinx> shortcut menu options:
    • Style and Grammar: the shortcut menu lists the type of error, for example, Style: (avoid ing words). Select the error description to display more information in a new window.
    • Spelling, Terminology, and Duplicated words: the shortcut menu lists alternative words or terms, or displays #duplicate# when a word has been duplicated.
  3. Choose an option from the shortcut menu, or correct the flagged item in the topic.

Note: Before using <acrolinx> for the first time you need to Set the <acrolinx> checking options. When you next log into Contribute, the last checking options you saved will apply.