Check all topics in a book with <acrolinx> - Cloud

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Use the Check Book option when you want to check all topics in the book. This option enables you to check the entire book for errors and work through the flags sequentially - topic by topic.

You can step out of the checking mode at any time and make adjustments to other topics. If the book has been kept open in the Editor you can resume checking from the open topic by choosing Check Book.

To check a book and make corrections:

  1. Open the book in the Editor.
  2. Choose Review > <acrolinx> > Check Book from the <acrolinx> command group to start the checking process. When <acrolinx> has finished checking the content, any errors found in the open topic are displayed with a colored flag.
  3. Display the shortcut menu suggestions for the flag using the Previous Flag and Next Flag navigation options in the command group, or right-click the flag and choose <acrolinx>. Choose a suggestion from the shortcut menu, or manually correct the item in the topic.
  4. Continue the process until all flags in the current topic have been checked and the final flag has the focus.
  5. Click Next Flag to move to the next topic in the book. (If corrections have been made in the topic, Author prompts you to save the changes before the topic is closed.)

Note: You can also move to the previous topic using this method. Ensure the first flag in the topic has the focus, then click Previous Flag. You'll be prompted to save any corrections before you leave the current topic.