<acrolinx> options in Contribute - Cloud

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Contribute integrates with <acrolinx> to provide language, style, spelling, and grammar checking. If <acrolinx> is installed, the <acrolinx> options enable you to set the language, text type, and error categories used for checking your topics. Select the options required for checking, then save the changes.

  • Language: Select the language used in the library from the drop-down list.
  • Text Type: Writing styles vary according to the type of document you are checking, for example, a user manual versus a technical manual, or English UK versus English US. Select the Text Type from the drop-down list.
  • Setting: The Setting group lets you choose the error types to check against, including style, spelling, and grammar rules.

To set the <acrolinx> options:

  1. Open the Options page from the Library toolbar.
  2. Select the required <acrolinx> options.


  3. Save the changes. A confirmation message box is displayed.
  4. Choose OK to close the confirmation message box.