Set up your own full text search


On Premises

Many organizations have their own internal search engines and requirements, or may not support Perl CGI. If you need to use your own search engine, integrate it with Author-it as follows:

  1. Implement your search engine and test it to make sure you can index and search the Author-it published HTML on your site. Avoid indexing any of the contents pages (toc###.htm), the index (indexpage.htm), tab pages (tab_toc.htm, tab_index.htm, tab_search.htm), or any other file you do not want returned by a search.
  2. Modify the tab_toc.htm, and tab_index.htm files to link to your own search engine page instead of our CGI scripts. The current default is cgi-bin/search_form.cgi?SEARCHDIR=tripane.

    Note: You may want to rename and save these changed files. If you do, make sure that reference the new files in the HTML Additional Files property of your Author-it book.

  3. Include some JavaScript in your search page that executes in the onLoad event to load the search_toc.htm file in the TAB frame. We use the following code in the <BODY> tag of the HTML:


    where /myfolder is the folder location of your Author-it book.