Hide the footer by commenting out the code


On Premises

In addition to modifying the content displayed in the footer you also have the option of hiding the footer from view by commenting out specific code in the index.htm file. Alternatively, you can disable the footer style to hide the footer content.

To hide the footer:

  1. Open the index.htm file and locate the footer table. The entire footer content is contained inside the table row created from the opening and closing <tr> tags.

    <td id="footer">
    <table class="footer" >
    <td align="left">
    <div id="modified"></div><div id="modifiedby"></div>
    <td align="center">
    <td align="right">
    <a href="http://www.author-it.com" target="_blank">
    <img src="images/builtbyait.gif" alt="http://www.author-it.com" />

  2. Add comment code to the opening and closing table row tags as follows:
    • The comment code for opening tag is <!-- <tr>
    • The comment code for closing tag is </tr> -- >

      <!-- <tr>


      </tr> -->

  3. Save the changes to the index.htm file.