Client side (DHTML) full text search


On Premises

The DHTML search uses JavaScript to create a results page based on the search criteria. This is an excellent solution for small HTML documents or when you do not have a server side search available.

There are a couple of implications of using a DHTML search:

  • The script is client based so it runs in your viewer's browser. Because it is browser dependant, browers need to have JavaScript enabled. All browsers might not support the script that is used.
  • When publishing, both the JavaScript and the complete raw text of the whole book is contained in the one dhtml_search.js file that is created.This means that large books may take substantial time for the search tab to display.

To use the DHTML search in a book:

  • Create a new book based on the DHTML User Guide template


  • Apply the DHTML User Guide template to an existing book object