Install Templates and Publishing Profile


On Premises

The download package from the community contains a ResponsiveHTML5 sub folder.

  1. Copy the ResponsiveHTML5 folder into the template folder of your Author-it library.
  2. Import the file Author-it Objects - Publishing Profile ResponsiveHTML5.xml into your Author-it library.
  3. In your Author-it library, open the new Publishing Profile Responsive HTML5.
  4. Open the Actions tab.
  5. Open the Transformation action.
  6. Adjust the path to the Saxon Transform.exe if needed, for example "C:\Program Files\Saxonica\SaxonHE9.6N\bin\Transform.exe".
  7. Make sure that the path to the Webhelp.xslt in the Arguments field is correct.
  8. Open the Copy Frontend action, and make sure the path to the template folder is correct.
  9. Publish a book to the new output to test the settings.
  10. Open the output from a web server.