Create an action to move files FROM the publishing folder


On Premises

The Move Files action deletes files in one folder and adds them to another folder.

Note: Depending on the operating system, "inherited" object permissions may be affected when you copy or move objects to another location. If the permissions are affected, subsequent actions that use the objects may also be affected.

To create an action to move files FROM the publishing folder:

  1. Open the publishing profile and select the Actions tab.
  2. Click the Move Files action.
  3. Add the name of the file you want to move, or use wildcards and a file format to move all files of a single type. Alternatively, select the All output in publishing folder check box to move all files.

    Wildcards enable you to copy all files in a specific format, for example, *.gif. Create more than one action if you need to copy files in a different format as well.

    Move Files

  4. Select From publishing folder to then browse to the folder where you want to move the files.
  5. Click OK to save the action.

    The action is added to the After Publishing list.

  6. Save the changes to the profile.