Theme tab


On Premises

A publishing Theme provides the ability to vary the look and feel of a published output based on the deliverable. The options available in the Theme tab vary based on the output the profile applies to.

Note: In case of Resolved XML, the Theme tab has additional functionality.

Publishing Profile Theme Tab

Publishing Templates

Defines the external templates to use when publishing. When Templates are set in the publishing profile they take precedence over templates set at book level.

Replacing Objects

You can define a list of object replacement rules for the profile. During publishing the profile substitutes the object in the book with the preferred object. Using the replacement rules you can influence the look and feel by substituting the Media objects or Style objects. You can also replace objects used directly in the book contents such as: Title Page, TOC, TOF, Topic, Glossary and Index.

HTML Associated Files

Web outputs only

Define a list of external files to be copied to the publishing folder. These include things like styles sheets, graphics, etc. Files associated in the profile are in addition to any files associated in the book.