Move files


On Premises


The Move Files after publish action deletes files in one folder and adds them to another folder. You can move the selected files TO the publishing folder, or move selected files FROM the publishing folder to another folder. Multiple actions, send one type of file to one folder and another type to a different folder.

Note: Depending on the operating system, "inherited" object permissions may be affected when you copy or move objects to another location. If the permissions are affected, subsequent actions that use the objects may also be affected.

Content that can be moved

The Move Files dialog has an area for specifying the content that you want to move:


Options for content are either All files in the publishing folder, or a Wildcard:



Note: When you create multiple After Publish actions to move different wildcards (*.gif, *.png, *.jpg), each Action optionally moves its wildcard content to its own specific folder.

Options for moving

Move options are: