Structuring slides and their elements


On Premises

Most of the interactive slide types have the same setup. A topic object at the top level of the book will become a slide when published. All topics at the top level of the book structure must have content such as a sub heading and/or text. An empty topic at the top level of a Author-it Honeycomb book will not publish correctly.

At the highest level of the book structure, insert a topic based on one of the Author-it Honeycomb topic templates. Use this topic as a slide to contain an introduction about the subjects you want to cover, slides to transfer knowledge to the user, or interactive slides such as the accordion panels, buttons, or timeline popups.

Topics that are inserted as children of the main level topic are used for the interactive elements (panels, buttons, popups). These topics should be based on the general Topic Template. Other templates are allowed, but if you use them, you may need to modify the publishing profile to make sure that the correct media objects are substituted during publishing.