Use variables in folder paths to move content to a new folder


On Premises

The Move Files action deletes files in one folder and adds them to another folder.

By setting up an after publish action to use variables in folder paths, you can move content to a new folder

Note: Depending on the operating system, "inherited" object permissions may be affected when you copy or move objects to another location. If the permissions are affected, subsequent actions that use the objects may also be affected.

To use variables in folder paths to move content to a new folder:

  1. Set up the folders that the published content will be moved to. For example:


  2. Create a variable in the Administrator module. For example, <


  3. Select the Prompt Before Publish check box on the variable window and Save.
  4. Open a Publishing Profile or create a New Publishing Profile.
  5. In the Publishing Profile > Actions tab, click Move Files, and browse to one of the folders.
    For example, C:\Moved\FolderA:


  6. Change the folder name at the end of the path to the variable created in step 2.
    For example, change from C:\Moved\FolderA to C:\Moved\<FolderPaths>:


  7. Save the Publishing Profile.
  8. In Folders view, select the Publishing Profile so that it is highlighted.
  9. From the Author tab, click Set Assignment.
  10. Click the <FolderPaths> variable:


  11. When you publish a book using this Publishing Profile:
    • A window pops up asking you to choose a value for this variable. Select one of the Folders.
    • This resolves the variable in the path name to the chosen folder and the content moves to that location after publishing.