Publishing to Word 2010 (64-bit) with Author & Contribute


On Premises


Microsoft Word 2010 64-bit requires an additional registry key when publishing to Word or PDF using Author-it Client 5.3.530.7964 (and earlier) and Contribute 5.3.510.7936 (and earlier). If the registry key does not exist on the server or computer used for publishing, the following error may be displayed:

'Object reference not set to an instance of an object.'

Author-it's recommended solution:

To publish to Word or PDF with Microsoft Word 2010 64-bit add the following registry key and enable macros in Word's Trust Center.

Important: Refer to the Microsoft Help for information on modifying the system registry.

To add the registry key:

  1. Add the following registry key and value to the computer running Author-it, or the publishing server if using Contribute, or both:


  2. Add a string value under this called "Level" with the data set to "1".