Creating Conversations


On Premises

This slide type displays as full screen, so no sub heading or introductory text is needed.

Note: The image on the right side (second image in the Author-it topic) is the first to "speak" in the conversation.

To create a Conversation slide:

  1. At the highest level in the book structure, create a slide topic based on the Conversation template.
  2. Insert two file objects, e.g. that show the persons that have the conversation. The file objects must be in separate paragraphs.

    Optimal dimension of the graphics for conversation are 658×524 px (width × height).

  3. Apply the ClickableImage style to the paragraphs with the file objects.
  4. Apply the ItemTransitionTime variable to the topic with a value of 3 seconds or more.
  5. Create or reuse topics based on any template, and insert them as children of the conversation introduction topic.

    Every topic is a part of the conversation, as stated by one of the participants.

Note: Audio is not supported in the child topics, only in the Conversation topic itself.