Publish a book


On Premises

When you want to publish your content, tell Author-it to publish to the output format you need.

icon_OpenNewWindowVideo: Publishing to different Outputs | Publishing Pane

Note: You must add your book or book template to a profile before you can publish it.

To publish a selected book:

  1. Open the book in the Editor, go to Publish > Publish To, then select the profile.


    • Select the book in the Library Explorer, then right-click and click Publish To, then select the profile


    • In the main window choose Publish > Publish To, then select the profile.
  2. The publishing windows displays the books publishing progress.

    Publishing in Progress

The whole process may take anywhere from seconds to hours, depending on the size and complexity of your document and the performance of your computer.

Publishing works by submitting, queuing, and then publishing jobs. When you submit a job, the Publisher launches to process that job. While it is publishing, you can submit further jobs which are added to a queue. After the Publisher finishes the current job, the next job in the queue starts.